Hookset Tuition Program

Londonderry High School - Hooksett Tuition Student Program 

History - With declining enrollment occurring across the State, combined with the State’s  continued reduction in financial support of public education, Londonderry seized the  opportunity to offset the burden to the local taxpayer, without effecting programs and services  to students. Generating additional revenue with open seats at the high school was a viable  option to accomplish this goal. 

Total anticipated revenue from Hooksett in FY ‘21: $1,404,000, with a reduction in the tax rate  of thirty-five cents.  

Current Hooksett enrollment at LHS: 117 students – FY21 

Potential staff reductions, were we no longer to accept Hooksett students: At this point, we  determine our capacity on a year-to-year basis. With grade level enrollment listed above, there  would most likely be no staff reductions available at any of the 4 grade levels should enrollment  drop by that amount, as those students are spread over a wide number of classes. Calculating  the impact of such a small reduction in student population is a challenge because of the large  number of courses and sections offered at each grade level. On the average, an individual class  would drop by 1 or 2 students, which is not enough to justify a reduction in staffing.  

Our tuition rate for 2022 for Hooksett: $12,250 This rate does not include the cost of any special  programs. These would be billed in addition to this base rate.  

As reported by the State of NH, the average cost for LHS for FY20 is $16, 691. This represents  the TOTAL cost per student and does not recognize any revenue that is used to offset the tax impact to Londonderry taxpayers.  

Additional costs to Londonderry from additional students equate to minimal classroom supplies  additional water, and the cost of labor and fuel only for transportation. Fixed costs, such as  salaries, building debt, and HVAC remain constant with or without the additional students from  Hooksett and the revenue generated by including Hooksett students.