Superintendent: Dan Black

Superintendent: Dan Black

The Superintendent’s Office is responsible for the leadership and management of the Departments in our District Office (Business, Buildings & Grounds, IT, Human Resources, and Student Services) as well as our Six Wonderful Schools – Moose Hill, North Elementary School, Matthew Thornton Elementary School, South Elementary School, Londonderry Middle School and Londonderry High School.

To understand the major work of the 2022-23 School Year, please keep up with our School Board Meetings our Communications Committee and the Facilities Master Plan process.

Later this year we will be updating our Strategic Plan for the School District.

Please use the District Communication Flow Chart to determine best points of contact.

Dan Black: Superintendent

603- 432-6920 x1109   

Theresa Bertrand: Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

603-432-6920 x1132