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Facilities Director
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AHERA Notice

The Londonderry School District is providing this notification to comply with Federal AHERA Regulations. In 1988 Asbestos testing and inspections were performed throughout the District, and a management plan was developed. Since that time, several abatement projects have been completed to remove products that contain asbestos. All building renovations and additions since 1988 have been in accordance with AHERA regulations and are certified to be asbestos free.

Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) are present in several locations at Londonderry High School and Matthew Thornton Elementary School. Asbestos is contained in some vinyl floor tiles and mastic. These floor tiles are either covered with carpet or sealed with layers of high solids floor finish.

These ACBM’s are managed in accordance with AHERA regulations, including awareness training for maintenance and custodial staff; semiannual inspections by certified staff; and 3 year re-inspections by a licensed contractor. The District is currently engaged in a multiyear plan to remove all known asbestos from the school buildings. A copy of the management plan is available at the School District Office. For more information please contact: Chuck Zappala, Director of B&G, (603) 432-6920 x 1123 or czappala@londonderry.org