Human Resources

Jessica Wentworth

Office Assistant
(603) 432-6920

Donna Stahl

Benefits Coordinator
(603) 432-6920 x1112

Cindy McMahon

Human Resource Director
(603) 432-6920 x1104

Melissa Thomson

Human Resource Specialist
(603) 432-6920 x1129


Employee Assistance Programs

We are fortunate to offer TWO employee assistance programs (EAP) to all of our employees, no matter how many hours you work.

You may utilize our EAP program for therapy sessions - available to you and your household members. Call for referrals or go online, search the provider directory, and obtain authorization. Video sessions are also available to fit your busy schedule. 

Other ways to you may use our EAP plans:

SchoolCare - Call  1-877-622-4327 (EMPLOYER ID – SCHOOLCARE) anytime to be referred for further assistance.  You can also visit School Care Employee Assistnace Program to take advantage of a wide assortment of on-line presentations regarding many of the issues we are all facing this year.  If you do have Cigna coverage, you can also access this through your portal.

HealthTrust - 1-800-759-8122 call anytime for further assistance or visit (USER NAME – healthtrust – PASSWORD – resources) 


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