Bus Routes - REGULAR TRANSPORTATION Bus routes for the 2023/2024 school year for K-12 are posted below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please use the Transportation Inquiry form below or email Lisa Muse at

The School District builds the bus routes from the home addresses unless the District Office was contacted of an alternate address. Please email Lisa Muse at and include the Students Name, Home Address, Alternate address for bussing, School Attending and the Grade for the 2023/2024 year. Please note that this request does not guarantee transportation.  Each student is allowed one address unless there is a family situation.

If, at any time during the school year, we can adjust bussing decisions, we will notify all parents.

High School Students

HIGH SCHOOL students were required to sign up for bussing again this year.  If you missed the deadline to sign up and you still need bussing, please email Lisa Muse at if you need to be added to a bus route.

Hooksett Pick Up and Drop Off Information:

Pick Up 6:20AM - Tri Town Ice Rink                         Drop Off: 3:00PM

Pick Up 6:25AM - Town Hall                                     Drop Off:  2:45PM

Pick Up 6:40AM - Cawley Middle School            Drop Off:  2:40PM

Middle School, Elementary and Moose Hill students

Middle School, Elementary and Moose Hill REGULAR EDUCATION students will automatically be assigned a bus route for the upcoming 2023/24 school year. 


Due to bus capacity limitations, we cannot provide transportation to or from the following daycares for students in Grades 1-12: Applewood Learning Center, The Ark Learning Center,  Londonderry Learning Academy, The Learning Tree, World of Discovery and the YMCA. Parents should contact these daycares directly to discuss transportation.

Transportation will continue to/from ALL daycares for Moose Hill students.

Bus Policy

Click Here to view the Student Transportation Services Regulations for Students Riding School Busses policy.


Please fill out the Transportation Inquiry form below.

2023-2024 Regular Ed Bus Transportation Bus Routes:

Please contact Lisa Muse at if you have a specific bus route question.

Transportation Contact Form

Safety Tips

Children should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the pick up time.

Bus routes are not "door to door" routes.  If your child's assigned bus stop is located on the opposite side of the street from where you live, children should wait on the side of the street where their home is located until the bus arrives at their stop and the driver signals it is safe to cross the street.

Winter Stops will be considered subject to the safety of the student and will be reviewed upon request.  Winter stops run from Thanksgiving break to February vacation.

Walking Distance Guidelines (per Policy EEA-R)

Kindergarten students shall be picked-up at their driveway whenever possible; maximum walking distance for setting bus stops shall be:

Whenever possible or appropriate, bus stops will be located closest to the residence of younger students.

Bus Stop Considerations

Each stop is assessed individually and based on safety, walking distance, special needs, route efficiency and time constraints. 

There should be no expectation that bus routes will remain the same from school to school or year to year.

Please note not every student will have a bus stop directly in front of the house.  Whenever possible, we try to consolidate bus stops so more than one student can be picked up at a time.  Consolidating stops at corners and grouping neighbors to one stop helps to make the bus routes shorter by not having to make multiple stops on one road.

Parents are responsible for the safety of their children from the time they leave home in the morning until the time they board the school bus; and at the end of the school day from the time the students depart from the bus until the time the children reach home. Once the child enters the school bus, the authority lies with the bus driver and the District’s bus company.

Video/Audio Recording

To ensure the safety and secure environment of District students, the Londonderry School Board authorizes the use of video and audio recording devices by the District on any or all buses or other vehicles (hereinafter “bus”) used to provide transportation for in-District students.  This authority shall extend additionally to all vehicles owned by the District or contracted by the District for the in-district transportation of its students.  The School Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish and maintain guidelines and procedures for the retention and viewing of the recordings. For a full explanation of this policy, see the district website. NH RSA 189: 15; 193-F: 3; and 570-A: 2 (k)