Budget Process

Regular Meetings & Workshops

On Tuesday night, November 21st, 2023, the Administration presents its budget for the Fiscal  year 2024-2025. The Superintendent will discuss the educational and business goals, objectives  for the fiscal year, how it aligns with the strategic plan and the level of funding required. The  Business Administrator will dive more into the financial analysis and impact of the proposed  and default budgets. The Business Administrator will also provide highlights of the budget book  development. Budget books are handed off to the School Board and Budget Committee. The  Budget Workshops begin Tuesday, December 5th, 2023. 

The budget workshops are designed to have an interactive dialogue between the School Board,  the School District Administration, and the Budget Committee. During the workshop meetings,  the Administration will present each budget group or area. The Department Head or  responsible administrator will walk through the details of the individual budget and goals for  that department. Comments and questions from the Board and the Budget committee are  encouraged so that in the end, a budget that meets the goals is financially responsible to the  taxpayers. At the end of each workshop, public comment will be allowed on the topics  discussed that night. Budget workshops are scheduled for: December 5th, 12th, and 19th

Meeting agendas will provide the scheduled or listed areas that will be discussed on any  particular meeting. Please remember, the meetings can be altered based on pace of meetings,  and/or weather. Normally, there is an “open meeting” at the end of the process, where the  groups have a discussion on goals for the School District, the impact on taxpayers and  ultimately is there a happy medium.  

Public Hearings

By law, there are no less than two formal public hearings; three if there is a bond issue. January  11th, 2024, is the scheduled public hearing for the operating budget and February 9th is the  Deliberative Session. At the public hearings, the public is encouraged to comment on, ask  questions, get feedback from the Board and/or Administration on the financial effects of the  budget, and expected goals. During the Deliberative Session, the public for that meeting is the  legislative body. They have the right to comment, ask questions, make motions to amend the  article on the floor. 

Voting day is March 12th, 2024.