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School Board Policies

Notices and Press Releases


The Londonderry School District is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. William McCarthy as Assistant Principal of Matthew Thornton Elementary School. Mr. McCarthy received his Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Rivier University in 2008 and completed his Principal Certification in 2014. Mr. McCarthy has been teaching since 1999; the last eleven years teaching 7th grade mathematics at Londonderry Middle School and also served as the coach of the Middle School Girls Track Team for five years. Mr. McCarthy completed his Administrative Internship under the direction of Middle School Principal Richard Zacchilli.

Sharon Putney, Principal of Matthew Thornton was impressed with his current knowledge of the school district, expertise in the areas of mathematics and technology as well as his communication skills. Steve Young, School Board Chair stated: "Mr. McCarthy's appointment is an excellent example of the highly skilled professionals we have educating our children and who are ready to step up to the plate when needed."

Notice of Video/Audio/Photography/Display and Use of Student Work Release

From time to time, video/audio recordings and/or photographs are made of various school activities and classes which may be cablecast over the local educational access channel, LEO21, or other cable or broadcast channels and/or displayed/streamed at the District or a school Web site, on the school district FM station, WLLO-LP, or in a district/school print or electronic publication.  These may also be used within the Londonderry School District.

Students may appear visually and/or be heard.  On occasion, individual students or small groups of students may be featured in interviews, on-camera discussion, etc.  These students may be identified by name; however only first names will be used on the screen when individual students are shown unless the district secures written permission from a parent/guardian to use a last name.  Additionally, photos, student artwork, projects or performances may be displayed or shared.  Student produced work (print or non-print) may be used by the district in the course of instruction, accreditation, presentation, and action research.

The Londonderry School District may also reproduce, make alterations or additions to, and may copyright the material in whole or in part.  The district will notify parents/guardians on an individual basis in those instances when special education programs are involved.

Parents and students may refuse release of any or all use of these materials related to specific students, provided that a written request is received by the Superintendent of Schools, at 268C Mammoth Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053, by September 30th of the current school year.   Additionally, parents may opt to notify the district of any change during the school year.

Our Vision

The Londonderry School District will provide appropriate individualized academic, social, emotional and physical learning opportunities in order to establish a dynamic foundation for quality education and continued student growth.

Our Mission

To provide all students with the vision, skills, and knowledge necessary to maximize their individual potential. Central to this accomplishment is the collaboration among all shareholders and disciplines so that students can become contributing members of society and appreciate that learning is a life-long process.

District Questions


What is the Londonderry School District environment like for students and teachers?
Londonderry is committed to providing the very best educational environment for our students and teachers. Londonderry School District provides opportunities for teachers to pursue professional improvement and enhance teaching skills through generous tuition-reimbursement programs and paid, school-sponsored workshops. With many extra-curricular activities, teachers have the opportunity to serve as advisors and coaches. We pride ourselves on our excellent teaching staff. Our schools have an outstanding reputation including the ongoing recognition of the acclaimed Lancers Marching Band and Color Guard.
What kind of quality assurance is in place for consistent delivery of curriculum from one classroom to the next?
Grade level benchmarks are established for all subjects and teachers are encouraged to challenge students to excel at the highest levels.
What is the Londonderry Community like?
Londonderry is a rapidly-growing suburban community of 24,000 residents located approximately 12 miles from the Massachusetts border, less than one hour from Boston, the seacoast and the White Mountains. A popular residential community because of its ideal location, Londonderry has a reputation for excellent schools. Its residents attempt to maintain the rural flavor of the town, which is dotted with apple orchards and lovely homes. The community has demonstrated its support for schools through various fundraising and volunteer activities. The focus of the community is on its young people and their welfare.
How do I find out if school has been cancelled or delayed?
Listen to WGIR: AM 610, tune into cable TV channel 21, tune into WMUR-TV, check the home page of our web site or follow us on Twitter.
What is a Special Education Assistant and what are their hours?

A Special Education Assistant is responsible for helping implement the specialized instruction, accommodations and modifications for individual students. An assistant may be assigned to one individual student or a group of students. They report to the special education teacher and program director in each building. Day to day duties could include reading or scribing for a student, working with small groups in reading, math and writing, cueing students to support communication deficits, attending and focusing difficulties and behavior management. Some students may require support with daily living skills including toileting.
Special Education Assistants are employed at all schools. The majority of these positions are 6 hours per day, 5 days per week and run with the school calendar. This is NOT considered a full time position. If a person in this position works 25+ hours per week they can elect dental insurance and life insurance. If you work 30+ hours you are eligible for medical insurance at full cost. Additional benefits include paid holidays, sick and personal days.

What is an Instructional Assistant and what are their hours?

An Instructional Assistant assists the classroom Teacher in a variety of instructional support duties. They also supervise student behavior on school grounds and in the building. That person may monitor the classroom if the Teacher is temporarily absent. Instructional Assistants are only employed at the elementary level, grades 1-4. These positions are 3 hours per day.

If I want to become a Teacher where do I start?

The best place to start is by speaking to the NH Department of Education at 603-271-3494 or by accessing their website at

What non-teaching positions may become available?

Some examples are; Instructional Assistant, Special Education Assistant, Clerical/Office/Administrative Assistant, Library Media Assistant, Bookkeeper, Computer Education Assistant, Food Service, Custodian, assorted computer related positions.

I want a job in IT/Computers. What does the district have for positions?

Computer Education Assistant, Computer Support Specialist, Software/Database Specialist, Technician for Web Services/Cable, Technology and Network Specialist, Technology Trainer/Integrationist, Systems Manager/Administrative Computer Services.

What experience/schooling do I need to sub as a Teacher and how do I apply?

You need a diploma or GED along with patience and the ability to comfortably interact with our students. Go to the employment section of our website and apply. After this process is done you will get a call from one of our schools to come in for an interview. You can choose which grade levels, schools and days you prefer to work. A person that is not certified as a teacher will receive $60 per day until they work 20 days and then it is $65. A certified Teacher gets $65.00 per day.

What do I need to be a Nurse Sub and how do I apply?

You must be licensed as a Registered Nurse or LPN. Go to the employment section of our website to apply. Leave any areas blank that do not apply to you. After this process is done you will get a call to come in for an interview. You can choose which grade levels, schools and days you prefer to work. The pay rate is $65 per day.

What do I need to be a Custodian Sub and how do I apply?

We do not require a specific level of education in order to be a custodian sub. If you are considering this position as a way to get a permanent position with the school district, please realize that you will need a GED or diploma. Go to the employment section of our website to apply. Leave any areas blank that do not apply to you. This is a per diem position and is 2nd shift only, starting @ 2:30PM-11PM or 3PM-11:30PM depending on the school.  We are flexible within those hours. The hourly rate is $8.00 per hour and there are no benefits.  If you are interested in subbing for us, you will need you to come to the District Office, 268 Mammoth Rd, Londonderry, with completed forms, W4, I9, etc.  These forms can be found on our website,, by choosing Employment Opportunities and clicking on "Attached Forms" found at the bottom of the page.  You will need to be fingerprinted as well at the Manchester DMV by appointment only (information is provided in attached forms) which will cost you $51.50 initially and once you work 3 days for us we will reimburse you that amount.  The District Office is open to turn in these forms from 8:30AM-4:00PM, Monday-Friday.

What do I need to be a Food Service Sub and how do I apply?

It is helpful to have some food service or customer service experience but not required. Go to the employment section of our website and apply. Once you have finished this process your application will be considered by the Food Service Director. These positions, once perm, are not full time.

Does the Londonderry School District hire people with Letters of Eligibility?

Yes we do. This is especially true in the areas of Critical Shortage. You can view this list at:

Will the school District hire me with an out of state Certification?

The district will hire Teachers with out of state certification if they provide a letter from the NH Department of Education stating that they are in process of getting their NH certification.

What areas would you recommend a High School student get a degree in if they want to work in a school district but do not want to be a teacher?

There are certain areas that all schools struggle to find candidates for. Examples of some of these positions are:

  • OT (Occupational Therapist)
  • PT (Physical Therapist)
  • Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapist
I want to go to school for Special Education. What certifications are needed most?

There is a certification in General Special Education. The biggest need is in specialized certification areas like:

  • Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
  • Physical and Health Disabilities
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Deaf and Hearing Disabilities
  • Blind and Vision Disabilities
  • Early Childhood with Special Education