District Policy Updates

Policy Updates
Posted on 06/17/2022
Policy updates

Newly Adopted and Amended Policies. 6-21-22pdf
Newly Adopted and Amended Personnel Policies 1-11-22.pdf
Newly Amended Discipline and FERPA Policies 7-20-21.pdf 
Newly Amended Policy JICD-R Memorandum of Understanding Safe School Zones 5-4-21.pdf
Newly Amended Policy EEA-R Student Transportation Services Regulations for Students Riding School Buses- 5-4-21.pdf

Newly Adopted and Amended Policies 5-5-20.pdf

 The following are Newly Amended Discipline Policies:
Policy JFCH Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Use By Student Amended 8-27-19.pdf 
Policy JFCI Life of a Lancer Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JFCL Breathalyzer Policy Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JFCL-R Use of Breathalyzer Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JFCL-E Breath Test Decision Flowchart Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JG Student Behavior Stds-Student Code of Conduct Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JG-R Student Code of Conduct Chart Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JICD Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JICFA Hazing Amended 8-27-19.pdf
Policy JIH Students Searches and Their Property Amended 8-27-19.pdf

Newly Adopted EFAA Dining Services Managment 5-21-19.pdf
Newly Amended ACA-E Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy-Employee 3-19-19.pdf
Newly Amended ACA-S Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy-Student 3-19-19.pdf
Newly Adopted Policy IHCD Dual and Concurrent Enrollment 1-8-19.pdf

Newly Adopted Policy DN Booster Club-PTO-PTA Policy 9-25-18.pdf
Newly Adopted Policies Packet 2018.pdf

Newly Amended and Adopted Policies 2017.pdf