C3 Committee

Curriculum Coordinating Council (C3) 

With support from administration in soliciting membership, the council has approximately 40 members representing 16 designations. Elementary Principals, Assistant Principals, and Curriculum Coordinators from Londonderry High School and Londonderry Middle School attend all meetings. This year, all areas are represented on the 2017-2018 Council. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join in the discussions.

Topics Planned & Meeting Dates for 2018-19 School Year

5-1-2019 Parent Engagement and Communication - Part 3.pdf

5-1-19 Strategies to Engage Parents and Guardians at School Districts.pdf

3-6-19 Parent and Community Engagement Part 2.pdf

1-16-19 Trends in Community Engagement_Blackboard.pdf

1-16-19 Ohio Resources - Family-Engagement-and-Support.pdf

1-16-19 Parent and Community Engagement.pdf

11-14-18 C3 Committee Meeting.pdf

10-3-18 Access to Technology Part 2.pdf

9-5-18 Increasing Access to Technology.pdf