Bus Routes

Bus Routes

          Please note**  Parents who would like to track their student(s) bus must setup an account with safestopapp.com on an annual basis. 

SafeStop is in the process of receiving all the updated bus routes for the upcoming school. Therefore, SafeStop Services will not be ready until the middle of September.  You will need your student (s) school ID number in order to complete the registration.  If you need assistance with Aspen, contact your student (s) school building administrator. 

Hooksett Pick-up/Drop-off locations to/from Londonderry High School:
Tri-Town Ice Arena:                        Cawley Middle School
Pick Up: 6:15AM                             Pick Up: 6:30AM
Drop Off: 2:50PM                             Drop Off: 2:35PM

Town Hall:
Pick Up: 6:20AM
Drop Off: 2:40PM


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