Welcome to 2nd Grade!

2nd Grade / Second Grade


I am very excited to teach your 2nd graders this year!
I am looking forward to working alongside families this year to make sure every child grows to their full potential and, most importantly, loves school. The past few years have been...different, but I know we will work together to make it a positive and memorable year.  We have a lot to look forward to in 2nd grade!
If you ever have questions, just ask, and I am always here to help.

~ Mrs. McGuire

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  • 1 Plastic pencil box (8-1/2" W x 5-3/4" only please) Other sizes will be returned home, as they will not fit in desks along with our textbooks. 

  • 2 large glue sticks labeled with name

  • 1 two-pocket folder- POCKETS ON BOTTOM (for home/school correspondence) FYI- The school will give you a sturdy blue folder on the 1st day of school and that would work awesome!

  • 1 pair of headphones to be used for i-Ready on laptops (please label them and put them in a Ziploc baggie)

  • 1 of box of Crayola Crayons (24 crayons in box)

  • 1 pack of colored pencils

  • 2 black Expo dry erase markers, thin

  • 1 pair of Fiskars pointed tip scissors-labeled with name 

  • 1 small manual pencil sharpener (the ones with 2-size holes are great) 

  • 1 container of district approved wipes (see below) labeled with name

                                 7th-gen-wipes                        handwipes                                                        

Seventh Generation or Method Brand Disinfecting Wipes   Wet Ones Antibacterial wipes