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June 10, 2022


Upcoming events:


Step-Up Day – Tuesday, June 14

Fifth Grade Procession – Wednesday, June 15, 9:30 – 10:00 (Fifth Grade Parents are invited.)

Fifth Grade Send-Off – Wednesday, June 15

Last Day of School! – Thursday, June 16 (half-day), dismissal at 12:13PM

Pick Up Student Medications from Health Office:  Thursday, June 16 at 11:15AM

First Day of School 22-23 – Tuesday, August 30


Dear South School Families:


We welcomed back our Fifth-grade Class of 2015 at our annual South School Senior Send-Off Breakfast. The seniors wore nametags that sported photos of their youthful, fifth grade faces so that their teachers would be able to recognize them. It was very rewarding to hear about their prospects and to reminisce about the old days at South School. They were all thrilled to be awarded our PBIS Respect, Responsibility and Safety stickers! They remembered that the Safety sticker was the hardest one to get! Our teachers cooked them pancakes and made sure each one went home with a gift card. We wish them a celebrated graduation this evening.


The weather was perfect for our annual Hawk Walk. Thank you for remembering to have your child wear the appropriate color. We were a walking rainbow! This tradition began as a movement called WALK NH, started by Dr. Lynch, wife of then Governor John Lynch. We all walked a mile Monday afternoon, which is two laps around the perimeter of the playground and the building on a course set up by Scott Lohnes. Thank you for your contributions for our two South School students in need.


We had two terrific Field Days and the weather even cooperated. Thank you, Mr. Lohnes and thank you, thank you, thank you to all our Field Day volunteers! We couldn’t have provided such fantastic fun without you!


Our Girls on the Run Team will be running in the official 5K held at Memorial Field in Concord on Saturday, June 11 (Tomorrow!).  Our team will join other Girls on the Run teams from Carroll, Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Rockingham, Strafford and Sullivan counties for their 11:30 race.  We are hoping the state chapter can match last year’s “at home” SS race with the delightful carnival-like atmosphere, complete with music, balloons, cheers, and cowbells! We want to thank our six Girls on the Run coaches Emily Johnson, Mandy Height, Paige Fuller, Katie Regal, Britney Johnson, and Jodi Daron for inspiring members to practice social emotional wellness and physical wellness and apply them in their daily lives!


Step-Up Day for grades 1 – 4 will be Tuesday, June 14. See a separate letter detailing this process. Please keep in mind we do not accept specific teacher requests and that no class placement changes will be made unless extreme circumstances warrant such action.


We are planning a Fifth Grade Procession on the morning of Wednesday, June 15 at 9:30AM. Our plan is to have classes line up in specific areas around the perimeter of the building and applaud the fifth graders as they walk by in their handmade graduation caps. The fifth graders will walk the route twice. Parents are welcome to watch the procession from the front circle, like the Halloween Parade. If it rains, the procession will happen indoors, and parents, unfortunately, will not be able to attend.


After the procession, our fifth graders will come inside to watch the fifth-grade slide show. Parents will not be able to attend. Their day will end with an outside Fifth Grade Send-Off Party in the afternoon sponsored by the PTA. There will have Karaoke, photo booth, ice cream truck and YEARBOOKS! (Thank you, Yearbook Club and advisors, Lindsey Sullivan, and Danielle Harrington, for producing our Memory Book each year!)


We would like to thank the PTA for planning this terrific send-off party and especially our chairpersons, Lauren Geddry, Julie Presher, Bridget Parece-Grogan and Joy Zaremba for organizing this joyous affair, along with PTA volunteers, Barbara Castles, Angela Hughes, Kristen D’Entremont, Dana Ashton, Jacky Odachowski, Sandi Ward, and Allison Mathieu!


Please remember that a parent or guardian must pick up all medication(s), including over the counter medication, by June 16 at 11:15 from the nurse’s office. Students will not be allowed to carry medication home on the bus. Any medication not picked up will be discarded. See the separate letter from our Health Office with these details.


You will enjoy viewing our Memorial Day Ceremony 2022: SS Memorial Day, 2022. We have gratitude to our district videographer, John Beaulieu, for his loyalty and talent to producing all our school videos!


This is my last South School Friday Letter to you as I am passing the torch on to my friend and colleague, Debra Setterlund, who will serve you brilliantly as the new South School principal. I am incredibly fortunate and honored to have been this school’s leader for these last 20 years. I have known some of your family members for a very long time! It has been such a privilege to have watched your children grow into such compassionate, caring people. Thank you for allowing me to be part of their lives for their elementary years.


Only 3 ½ more days of school to go!


We Choose Love, 


Linda Boyd


**Please look for a separate email about picking up your child’s medications from our Health Office.**