Destination Imagination

What is D.I.? 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the D.I., it is a creative-problem solving program that is composed of up to 7 members and 2 parent managers. The children work on long and short term challenges throughout the year. This program helps build creativity, develops teamwork, and allows students to take risks and try all sorts of solutions to the challenges they face.

This is a hands-on program for children!

The adult managers are given tools and strategies to help develop teamwork, implement learning styles and talents,plus strategies of compromise and time-management that will assist your developing team. Adults MAY not get involved in the PROCESS of creating a solution as this is deemed "interference" and will penalize the team.

This is a hands-off program for adults!

Interference is a HUGE NO-NO!

Any idea, prop, costume where anyone has made or had input in to is not a usable solution


One way to assist without Interfering!

 Manager has students' brainstorm what adults,teacher etc... that MIGHT be able to teach them a skill, and why students may want to ask that person for help learning a skill set. HOWEVER, kids must have the IDEA to ask that adult to show them,teach them a skill. Kids can then take that skill and apply it to their ideas. Posting this brainstorming session each week at meeting to keep session fine!

Not Interference:

ie. Sewing

"Teammate John knows his Grandma has a sewing machine and could  teach the team or a few members how to sew. John then asks Grandma to teach them how to use the machine and sew. Grandma shows kids patterns, machine and teaches them on scrap material. Kids then apply this skill to making their own patterns and sewing their own costumes."



Please contact District office to connect with our district coordinator

Christina Baez ([email protected])