Number Sense Links

Number Sense Links

These websites have games or activities that will help your child understand the base-ten number system and how numbers relate to one another.

Ten Frames:

Count and build numbers on a ten frame:

Odd and Even:
YouTube Video: "Learning Odd and Even Numbers for Kids - 1st and 2nd Grade"

Place Value:

Video: Place and Value: Ones and Tens:

Video: Ones, Tens, and Expanded Form

Online Game: “Comparing Number Values”: Whole numbers up to 3-digits:

Video: Place and Value: 3-digit numbers

Video: Expanded Form of 3-Digit Numbers
Duck Game: 3-digit numbers:
Expanded Form Online Game:  3-digit numbers:

Fireworks Game: 4-digit numbers:
Greatest/Least UFO Game: 4-digit numbers:
Boat Game: 4-digit numbers:
Math Slide:  iPad App (also has math fact games):
Free on the Apple Store with a charge for upgraded unlimited play

Ordering Numbers:
Video: Ordering 3-Digit Numbers from Least to Greatest

Video: Ordering 3-Digit Numbers from Greatest to Least

Skip Counting:

Video: Skip Counting by Tens Starting at Five: 


Online soccer game: Rounding to tens, hundreds, thousands or decimals:

Online pirate game: Rounding to tens, hundreds, thousands or decimals:


Fractions and Decimals:

Fraction Video: Introduction to halves and quarters:

Video: Fraction Song about Numerators and Denominators:
Video: Fractional Parts of a Set of Objects: