Math Fact Links

Math Facts Links

These sites have practice games that your child can play at home. There are also many math facts games if you go to the "Math Variety" tab.  Math fact automaticity is very important in math. If your child knows their math facts automatically it will help make the rest of learning math easier!

Addition Facts:

Adding on a ten frame:

Addition with Manipulatives:

Subtraction Facts:

Game: Math Monster Subtraction 

Multiplication Facts:

Online Multiplication Games:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Facts:

Calculator.pngKakooma Game on Greg Tang Math:

Xtra Math:

Math Slide:  iPad App (also has place value games):
Free on the Apple Store with a charge for upgraded unlimited play
Quick Math: App on cell phones (blue person running icon)
         Costs $1.99 (cost may have changed so double check)