Reading/Language Arts

Our reading program has been aligned with Common Core Standards. Students will receive whole class and small group instruction in reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

Students are also encouraged to read independently, and explore a variety of genres. They have access to our classroom library and the school Media Center; they may also bring in books from home. Students will receive a Reading log which is to be filled out weekly (15 minutes/day 5 days a week), and signed by a parent. Students will also write a letter to me discussing their reading for the week. Both the Reading Log and Letter are due on Friday.

Students will also be given a sheet with a "Reading Challenge". Students will be required to read 30 books from a variety of genres. They can keep a list in their Reading Notebook of books they have read as well as books they are interested in reading. I will be conferencing periodically with the students to monitor their progress.