SNACK, BREAKFAST and LUNCHTriangle Sandwich.png

Upon arrival all students are able to pick up a grab and go bag for breakfast before heading to the classroom.  (The carts are located in the front hall).  All students receeive breakfast at no cost this year.  Your child should come to school with a healthy snack and clear drink for their snack at 10:30 am.  Please review with your child that sharing food is not allowed.  This is very important, as there are students with sensitivities to some food items. 

The lunch period begins at 12:25 this year.  All children receive lunch at no cost for the year.  It comes complete with a milk choice.  If your child chooses to bring a cold lunch and needs a milk, the cost is $.50.  Please take time to review option menus for the week, so your child knows if they are ordering their lunch in the morning, or if they have a lunch packed for them.  Thank you for your support!