The Gifford Gazette

The Gifford Gazette

October 7, 2019

What’s happening in Room 5 this week?


Language Arts:

-We will continue Unit 1 entitled “Animal Friends.”

-We will read: Get the Egg!

-Genre: Realistic Fiction

-Comprehension Skill: Realism and Fantasy

-Phonics Skill: Short e, initial blends

Written Expression:

-Telling sentences (Telling sentences tell something and usually end with a period).

-Introduction to Four Square Graphic Organizer for writing.




-Counting on to add

-Counting on using a number line




-lowercase g & i


Things Your Child Should Practicing at Home:

-Reading (First graders should be reading daily to an adult at home. Please remember to record daily reading on the Books and Beyond Reading Log which should be passed in on October 31st).

-Sight Words

-Counting to 30 beginning from any number


Upcoming Events:

-October 10th: Spirit Sticks are available to purchase.

-Oct. 14th-Columbus Day: No School

-Oct. 26th: North School Fall Festival

-Oct. 31st: First Grade Halloween Parade (Stay tuned for more info.)

This week’s Spelling Words:

  1. bed
  2. men
  3. red
  4. step
  5. ten
  6. net
  7. leg
  8. jet
  9. sled
  10. wet
  11. saw
  12. your


This week’s Sight Words:

  1. but
  2. not
  3. what
  4. all
  5. were