Ms. Tornquist

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Welcome to 8th Grade at Londonderry Middle School! 

Kristen Tornquist
8th Grade Special Education
Hailstorm Case Manager

 Contact information:
 [email protected]  [preferred]
 432-6925 ext 3212

  8th Grade To Do:

  • Check the Parent Portal in X2. 
  • Check Google classroom nightly.
  • Come to class with necessary materials.  If you are running low on supplies (white lined paper, pencils, red pens, etc.), replenish them.
  • Complete all homework assigned, using your notes, handouts, classwork (don't forget to bring home your subject binders to use as a resource).
  • Once your homework is completed, pack your book bag that night to make sure you don't forget anything in the AM when you are running out the door to catch your bus!
  • Take advantage of the MANY opportunities we offer for extra-help (Storm Time, etc.) (especially before a test/quiz).