Bus Routes

SafeStop App - K - 12 grade levels -
This app will be available by mid January and allows parents to track the bus.  This app is especially handy in the Winter months.  This app is free to all families.

**New this year (2020/2021), an ACCESS CODE will be required to sign up.  We will send this out to all parents in the coming weeks once activated so that the signup process can be done -
**You cannot sign up until you receive the access code**

Bus Routes

Parents who would like to track their student(s) bus must setup an account with safestopapp.com on an annual basis. 

You will need your student (s) school ID number in order to complete the registration. For instructions on setting up your SafeStop account please CLICK HERE.
  If you need assistance with Aspen, contact your student (s) school building administrator. 

If you have any questions regarding transportation, please fill out the form below.



Following are the Regular Ed Transportation K-12 bus routes for the 2020-2021 School year.

Please read ALL the information below:

MOOSE HILL PARENTS ONLY: Please go directly to the Moose Hill bus routes below and search for your address.

If you already filled out the bus sign up survey requesting Regular Ed transportation, log onto Aspen to see your child's bus assignment. 

Follow these directions:

You will need your child’s student ID LASID number (locally assigned student ID) which can be accessed from the Parent Portal.

You can log in at:  X2.londonderry.org

Parent Portal FAQs:


If you DID NOT fill out the bus survey form already, your child has not been assigned a bus stop/seat.

If you filled out a wait list form prior to 8/30 you have been assigned a bus stop/seat. If you did not fill out a wait list form as of 8/31, please fill out the wait list bus form from this LINK, and make arrangements to drive your child to/from school the first week.

The bus sign up process was discussed at several School Board meetings and the information was sent out a couple times via email, our website, Twitter and Facebook with a deadline of August 12th.  This practice was adopted this year due to Covid and the bussing guidelines/restrictions that we are following for student safety.

LHS/LMS bus routes have been combined.  These students will be transported on the same bus.

On the bus routes, note the start time of the particular route and find the stop that is closest to your house.   Please recognize that the bus routes typically run late for the first couple of weeks.

We are requesting parents to wait with your students on the first day to ensure there are no issues with pick up. 

MASKS ARE MANDATORY:  We are asking parents to work with your student(s) on wearing masks and physical distancing while at the bus stops.

Only emergency and safety concerns recognized by the District will be immediately addressed on the bus routes.  Any other adjustments to bus routes cannot be considered until 9/28.

The District appreciates your patience and understanding as transportation has been a very challenging aspect this year due to Covid.

Click your student's school below for their bus route.
(Updated 9/21/2020)

High School/Middle School: Click Here
(LHS/LMS routes have been combined this year and will ride on the same bus:)

Matthew Thornton: Click Here
North School: Click Here
South School: Click Here
Moose Hill AM/PM: Click Here

Hooksett Pick-up/Drop-off locations to/from Londonderry High School:
      Tri-Town Ice Arena:                   Town Hall:                                    Cawley Middle School
Pick Up: 6:30AM             Pick Up: 6:35AM            Pick Up: 6:45AM
Drop Off: 3:20PM            Drop Off: 3:10PM           Drop Off: 3:05PM

For any questions or concerns, please fill out the bus form below.

Safety Tips:

Children should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the pick up time.

Bus routes are not "door to door" routes.  If your child's assigned bus stop is located on the opposite side of the street from where you live, children should wait on the side of the street where their home is located until the bus arrives at their stop and the driver signals it is safe to cross the street.

Winter Stops will be considered subject to the safety of the student and will be reviewed upon request.  Winter stops run from Thanksgiving break to February vacation.

Walking Distance Guidelines per Policy EEA-R:

Kindergarten students shall be picked-up at their driveway whenever possible; maximum walking distance for setting bus stops shall be:

Elementary grade students .25 (1/4) of a mile
 M
iddle school grades .5 (1/2) of a mile
 High school grades .5 (1/2) of a mile

Whenever possible or appropriate, bus stops will be located closest to the residence of younger students.

Bus Stop Considerations:

Each stop is assessed individually and based on safety, walking distance, special needs, route efficiency and time constraints. 

Bus Transportation Questions/ Inquiry
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