Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE-Londonderry Introduces New Middle School Principal.pdf

Notice of Video/Audio/Photography/Display and Use of Student Work Release

From time to time, video/audio recordings and/or photographs are made of various school activities and classes which may be cablecast over the local educational access channel, LEO21, or other cable or broadcast channels and/or displayed/streamed at the District or a school Web site, through the Districts’ social media accounts, on the school district FM station, WLLO-LP, or in a district/school print or electronic publication.  These may also be used within the Londonderry School District.

Students may appear visually and/or be heard.  On occasion, individual students or small groups of students may be featured in interviews, on-camera discussion, etc.  These students may be identified by name; however only first names will be used on the screen when individual students are shown unless the district secures written permission from a parent/guardian to use a last name.  Additionally, photos, student artwork, projects or performances may be displayed or shared.  Student produced work (print or non-print) may be used by the district in the course of instruction, accreditation, presentation, and action research.

The Londonderry School District may also reproduce, make alterations or additions to, and may copyright the material in whole or in part.  The district will notify parents/guardians on an individual basis in those instances when special education programs are involved.

Parents and students may refuse release of any or all use of these materials related to specific students, provided that a written request is received by the Superintendent of Schools, at 268C Mammoth Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053, by September 30th of the current school year.   Additionally, parents may opt to notify the district of any change during the school year.