School Year FAQ's

2019 - 2020 School Year

In the Londonderry School District

This coming school year, there will be some minor changes to the school day, and to the school calendar, that will have several positive outcomes for our students, families, and staff. The school day will be expanded by 16 minutes, creating a series of learning opportunities for our students, more professional learning experiences for our staff, and a more reliable calendar for our families. When school opens in August, school start and end times will now be:

2019 - 2020 School Year

School / Level Start - End times


7:20 - 2:14


8:05 - 2:51


8:42 - 3:13

Moose Hill AM

8:37 - 11:20

Moose Hill PM

12:30 - 3:13


8:30 - 11:00

12:00 - 2:30

Schedules for each specific school building will be developed by building administrators, and will be published ahead of the start of the school year.

With any change of this nature, we anticipate some questions. Some are:

What impact will this have upon the school day?

The added time will be scheduled into instructional blocks within the day, resulting in an increase in learning time.   

What impact will this have on weather-related school cancellations?

This additional time allows the District to calculate our school calendar based upon instructional hours instead of a set 180 days. In this schedule, we have the ability to waive up to 5 weather related cancellations without making them up at the end of the year. Even if we do not have 5 weather related cancellations, students will still receive additional instructional time over the course of a school year.

What happens if we have fewer than 5 snow days?

Our students will receive the benefit of additional learning time.

Will this change the way the District calls weather related school cancellations?

No. Our determination as to whether or not to cancel school is always based upon the best information we have regarding whether or not it will be safe to transport students to or from school. That practice will remain the same. This change simply allows us the ability to set a more reliable date for the end of school.

Does this mean we won’t make up ANY school days cancelled for weather?

No. The current calendar and schedule allows for the District to waive the first FIVE school cancellations. We will have to add on days at the end of the year for the sixth through tenth school cancellations.

What is the average number of weather related school cancellations in a year?

The average over the past twenty years has been five school days cancelled per year. We had just two in 2018-19. The most we have had during that time was nine in one year, and in one year, we had no weather related cancellations at all.

How does this impact teachers’ schedules?

Teachers will add time to their day and year. They will also have an additional day of professional development added on in different places during the school year. We will coordinate many of these days with town or state/national elections, or with the start or end of school.

How does this impact graduation for LHS?

The graduation date has historically been set for the second Friday in June. This new schedule will insure that the date remains on that day, without a need to reschedule it for a later date in the event of weather related cancellations. Because of the additional instructional time, the District will now have the ability to set the graduation date much earlier in the year.