Remote Instruction

As a Committee we reviewed the concept of “remote instruction” and current examples of how Londonderry currently uses tools that could help with remote instruction within our school district. The committee does see the value in using remote instruction to increase the learning of students outside of the school day and school building. The committee did see the value in embedding this practice more into our culture. However, the number of devices we have right now for students and staff to access during the school day is a roadblock to using some of the tools we currently have more. We also need to provide more professional development  to staff to better understand and use the tools we have right now in our school system.

    If we are able to increase the number of devices in our school system, and better prepare our staff, the committee does believe we could better utilize - i-Ready, Khan Academy, Google Classroom etc., during the school day - so that we are better preparing our students and their families to use these remote instruct tools outside of the school day.

    The concept of remote instruction was applied to thinking through how we could potentially adjust our calendar in June when we have a year with many snow days. We did not reach a clear consensus as a committee on this issue, but we know it will be an ongoing conversation with many stakeholders.

    In general, the committee agreed if we are interested in using remote instruction to make up a time during a school year with many snow days, we would need to be able to answer the following questions very clearly among all our stakeholders:

  1. What are our motivations to pursue this as an option when we have many snow days?
  2. Are these motivations aligned with our values as a school system?

  Presentation Slides can be viewed here.