1:1 Technology

Click here to view the presentation from C3 Committee meeting, March 21st, 2018.

Follow Up and Next Steps to C3 One to One Technology Presentation
As a follow up to the One to One Technology Presentation on March 21st 2018, based on the feedback from the Londonderry C3 Committee, members were comfortable with the  following next steps:

At the first C3 Committee presentation in September 2018, we will come back with a
more detailed plan and study of how to best tackle our problems of:
○ Access to technology
○ Infrastructure to support increased access
○ Professional development to support increased access
○ Timelines to increase access linked to potential funding needs
○ Impact of increased access on the IT department

At that same meeting, we will also discuss draft ideas of potential metrics that could be
used to assess the effectiveness of increased access of technology for students and
staff. We will also discuss potential best practices in technology integration as it relates
to our curriculum and instruction.