Mental Health: Trauma & Over-Scheduling

January 10th, 2018 C3 Committee Meeting was held at the LHS Media Center at 4 PM. 

A presentation was given by:
Kim Carpinone, Pupil Services Director
Jill Connors, Asst. Principal at North School
Chelsea Hunnewell, Asst. Principal at South School

C3 Mental Health Presentation - Trauma and Overscheduling

The following statements are a summary of the reaction to the presentations and
conversation had at Londonderry’s C3 Committee on February 10, 2018 on Mental Health,
specifically trauma and overscheduling children. The statements below are areas we want to
continue to discuss as a school district and community.

1) Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools - We are in the beginning stages of figuring out,
as a school district, how to better identify and then respond to students who have been
affected by trauma. The Mental Health Work Group, and others in our school district will
continue to work on a more coherent approach as a school system over this school year.
2) Finding our School District’s place in dealing with students experiencing trauma -
One part of our conversation around trauma is the realization that the problem and
potential solutions are part of the community at large and will require more outside
collaboration with many different resources and entities. Creating trauma sensitive
schools will be a complex task in how we interact with our larger community.

3) We want to talk further on how we message overscheduling to parents and the
larger community.
Today’s presentation was the start of the conversation around
students being overscheduled. We are not ready yet to share our thoughts with parents
in a coherent way that fully explores how we function and are part of this issue in the
larger community.
4) Anecdotally, we realize that the pressure with sports, other extracurricular, and
homework are contributing to very busy student lives.
We were able to anecdotally
state the pressures we see on our current students, but again we want more time to
continue to talk about them as a school system.

Summarized by Dan Black - Assistant Superintendent.