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Happy Spring!

Over the next month, students at South School will participate in the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. The Iowa Tests are administered through the month of April for grades 1 through 5.  Results from this test will be mailed home in late May or early June.  At all levels, the Iowa Tests are designed to meet three main goals for the district:  first, to obtain information that can support instructional decisions made by teachers in the classroom; second, to provide information to teachers, students, and their parents for monitoring student growth from grade to grade; and third, to examine the yearly progress of grade groups as they pass through the district’s curriculum.

Following are some test-taking tips that can help your child do his/her best.  Also, below are some websites that you and your child can view for more testing-taking tips.  We wish all our students much success as we enter this testing period.



Get a good night’s sleep

Eat a healthy breakfast

Have confidence

Take your time

Read each question

Use process of elimination

Do the easy questions first

If you don’t know the answer make your best guess


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