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              Welcome to Cyndi Hursh's Science  8 class!


 In the Science 8 lab, we will work to generate and use data, access outdoor classrooms and begin to see our place as citizens of the world.

 This 8th grade general science class involves a variety of lab work & activities throughout each of our major units of study - Chemistry, Meteorology and Oceanography.

Absences:  If a student is absent, it will be their responsibility to collect assignments from the "Absent Work" bin and to pass in missing work on the day of their return.  Make-ups for tests, quizzes, labs, etc. are done during extra help or by appointment.

 Please check your student's assignment notebooks, encourage them to do quality work and help them strive to become independent learners!  Binders are kept and organization emphasized.   Thanks to all family members for their support of your young scientist.




 Please feel free to contact me by email at   

Phone: 432-6925 x3205  please use e-mail as best form of communication

Extra help:  Thursday am 7:30 and by appointment

Check homework daily- on the team homework tab in the document section on the Tornado Team website

Student Council Co-Sponsor:  Student Council meets every first and third Wed. and by announcement for special committee meetings  from 2:35 to 3:30 in Mrs. Troy's room 192 (Tsunami LA). Organizational meeting for 2014/2015 is the third Wed. in Sept.



Element Research

Periodic Table: Shepherd software

Interactive Periodic Table Game:

Periodic Table Interactive

Periodic Table Animated resource tool

Gizmo Lab Simulations:


Mass/Weight/Volume/SI Units/Density Shockwave files

Quick Quiz!

Glencoe Virtual Lab: Properties of Elements


Glencoe Molecular Virtual Lab

McGraw-Hill Virtual Lab: Mixtures

Sorting Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Game


National Geographic


Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31


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