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Welcome to my web page. I will be providing documents, links, and information for students in my classes on this page. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The best way to contact me is via email at  My user name is bmarzik.

If you prefer, you can also call me at (603)432-6941 extension 2827 to leave me a voicemail.                                  


 My schedule for the 2014- 2015 academic year:

A:  Civics, Room 621 (7:20 -8:05)

B: World History, Room 621 (8:10 - 8:55)

C:  Duty, 600s lobby (9:00 - 9:48)

D: World History, Room 621 (9:53 - 10:38)

E: (10:43 - 11:28)

F:  World History, Room 621 (11:33 - 12:18)

G: Civics, Room 621 (12:23 - 1:08)

H:  (1:13 - 1:58)


WORLD HISTORYSTUDENTS: Please sign on to the World History online textbook at with access code.

Class access code (for all World History Classes, 2014 - 2015): 7515453CC2948A51FA20


X2 Codes: These are the X2 codes that will be used for my classes this year.

AB – Absent, counts as a zero

EX – Excused from the assignment, counts as no score

MI – Missing assignment, counts as zero

BG – Being graded, counts as no score

OP – Optional, counts as no score

PASS – Student has passed the competency assessment

FAIL – Student has failed the competency assessment

ANC – Assigned, but not collected / corrected

Students in these classes should be prepared for class with the following supplies:

  • Three-ring binder or folder and spiral notebook for class handouts and notes
  • Assignment notebook
  • Paper, pens, pencils, highlighters

DUE September 4th -- Reading pages 26 to 29 in textbook. Complete the Homework sheet/ questions and definitions found under the "Middle Ages" Tab on this page.

DUE September 5th --- Illuminated Letter assignment. See assignment under "Illuminated Letter" Tab.




Due August 28- Introductory Letter

Due September 2 -- Signed Guidelines sheets





DUE September 3 -- Find an article about the rights, duties, and responsibilities of United States citizenship. Bring the article to class. You should be able to discuss at least three each of responsibilities, duties, and rights of United States citizenship.

Due September 5: Current Events Assignment -- Option #1 (Names in the News). Choose five current news stories, one in each of the five assigned areas. Review the Current Events assignment sheet (tab).

           Week 1 (Due September 5, 2014): you need to choose names in the following categories:

1 name from Londonderry (local)

1 name from New Hampshire (state) government

1 name from the Federal Government

1 free choice (any topic)

1 name from sports

TOPICS will be changed each week.

DUE September 8, 2014: Read and answer questions for "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant" by Jose Antonio Vargas. The reading is available in class or at this website. You will also need to do some research on the DREAM ACT.




Due August 27 -- List five requirements for American citizenship (for someone not born in the USA)

Due August 28 -- Signed Guidelines sheet

Due August 28 -- Editorial Cartoon


Civics- Semester 1, 2014 - 2015

Mrs. Marzik


Current Events Weekly Assignment
(due on Fridays)


Each week you will have a Current Events assignment due. You may choose among three main assignments.


1. NAMES IN THE NEWS:  This assignment will consist of five names (people, places or things) which are in the news during the week and their full definitions, including who, what, where, when, why, and how. This assignment must be handwritten and turned in on Friday at the beginning of class. There will be requirements given for the topics each week.







2. Cartoon Interpretation: Find a current editorial cartoon from either a local or a national news source. Complete a form for interpretation of the cartoon, and turn this in with a copy of the cartoon neatly attached to a full-sized (9 x 11 inches) piece of paper. Be sure to follow instructions given in class. (Cagle. com has a large collection of these cartoons. Be sure to choose a recent one --no older than TWO weeks.)


3. NEWS STORY ANALYSIS:  From a print source, obtain a news story (not in sports or entertainment). Fill out the current events news story form and a copy of the article neatly attached to a full-sized (9 x 11 inches) piece of paper.



You may choose one of these options each week, unless stated otherwise.
The assignment is due each Friday and is worth 10 points. No late assignments will be accepted unless you are absent on Friday.
This assignment will be accepted ONLY until Midnight on the date it is due (email submission – email a copy to yourself for verification)
The assignment is to be handwritten or emailed to me.


NAME:_____________________________________ DATE: _________________  PER: _______

Section 1: The Rise of Europe and Section 2: The High and Late Middle Ages, pp 26 to 29

MAIN IDEA: What is the main idea of this reading? Write complete sentences IN YOUR OWN WORDS








Review the eight Characteristics of Civilization we worked on in class last week. Choose five of the characteristics and give at least one example of this characteristic from the time period discussed in the reading. Explain your choices.






















  1. For each term,

 write a clear definition/ description. DO NOT use any sources other than your textbook for this.

  1. Below each

definition, write a sentence which explains the importance of the item in Medieval culture.


















  1. For each term,

 write a clear definition/ description. DO NOT use any sources other than your textbook for this.

  1. Below each

definition, write a sentence which explains the importance of the item in Medieval culture.
































5. SERF:
















7. The CHURCH:



















Illuminated Lettering

     The term, Illumination comes from the term Illuminate, or to fill with light. This effect is achieved with the application of gold leaf to the letters and images, which reflect light and appear to glow.

     An illuminated letter was usually the first letter of a page or paragraph. It was always enlarged and in color with gold applied in areas, while the rest of the text remained black. The images used to enhance the letters include animals, plants, and mythological creatures. These images were modified to fit into or around the letter, or in some cases took on the shape of the letter itself.

     Because the recording of historical events was such an important task, illuminations were ordered by Kings and religious leaders to be added to various pages in order to add interest and importance to their appearance.

Your assignment: Choose a pre-drawn illuminated letter of your choice (in class). A popular choice is the first initial of your first or last name. Color it neatly and mount it creatively on a piece of colored paper. Put your name on the back.

If you don’t want to use a pre-drawn picture, you may create your own illuminated letter. A step-by-step guide can be found on this website:

DUE DATE: September 5                                       POINT VALUE: 15 points