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Welcome to my web page. I will be providing documents, links, and information for students in my classes on this page. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The best way to contact me is via email at  My user name is bmarzik.

If you prefer, you can also call me at (603)432-6941 extension 2827 to leave me a voicemail.                                  


 My schedule for the 2014- 2015 academic year:

A:  Civics, Room 621 (7:20 -8:05)

B: World History, Room 621 (8:10 - 8:55)

C:  (9:00 - 9:48)

D: World History, Room 621 (9:53 - 10:38)

E: (10:43 - 11:28)

F:  World History, Room 621 (11:33 - 12:18)

G: Civics, Room 621 (12:23 - 1:08)

H:  (1:13 - 1:58)


WORLD HISTORYSTUDENTS: Please sign on to the World History online textbook (use link) with access code

Class access code (for all World History Classes, 2014 - 2015): 7515453CC2948A51FA20

World History online textbook:


X2 Codes: These are the X2 codes that will be used for my classes this year.

AB – Absent, counts as a zero

EX – Excused from the assignment, counts as no score

MI – Missing assignment, counts as zero

BG – Being graded, counts as no score

OP – Optional, counts as no score

PASS – Student has passed the competency assessment

FAIL – Student has failed the competency assessment

ANC – Assigned, but not collected / corrected

Students in these classes should be prepared for class with the following supplies:

  • Three-ring binder or folder and spiral notebook for class handouts and notes
  • Assignment notebook
  • Paper, pens, pencils, highlighters






JUNE 11: Quiz, Legislative Branch

                Use class notes, handouts, and the review sheet handed out in class no Monday

No Current Events June 13

June 6 -- Current Events

June 4, 5, or 6: Original Bill (See format on Documents tab)

MAY 12 to 16: NECAPs on Monday & Wednesday: no B period;

No Current Events

Map Quiz Make-ups by Friday, 5/6

MAY 5 to 9:

            Current Events (Option 3, News article) due Friday, May 9

            In Class: Judicial Review, Constitutional Court Cases, and Amendments 11 through 27 : M, T, W

            THURSDAY, MAY 8: Constitution Competency


APRIL 16 to 25

         iCivics reading questions - Finish for April 17

         Current Events for this week: Postponed to April 21 (Due Monday at Midnght!)

         Constitution Principles Poster - begin in class on April 17, due April 24

         MAP of NEW HAMPSHIRE Quiz -- April 24th

Week of April 7 to 11:

             Due April 8: Community Profiles (Chart and essay) assignment

             Due April 10: NH Constitution Papers

             Due  April 11: Weekly Current Events Option 1 or 2

                                  (Names in the News Topics: Autism, Weather, Sports, Geography, Children)

Week of March 31 to April 4

             Due April 1: Finish Futures Wheel assignment started in class

             Due April 3 (or earlier): Town Website web quest and research on Woodmont

             No Current Events this week. Quarter ends on April 4. Please file all necessary appeals.

Week of March 24 through 28:

          Please finish your primary documents competency this week.

          Current Events due Friday: Choose from Options 1 and 2

WEEK of MARCH 17 through March 24

             Due Weds, 3/19: Worksheet on Alternatives to Public Education

             Due Fri, 3/ 21: Current Events  CARTOON OPTION ONLY

             MONDAY MARCH 24: SCHOOL DISTRICT UNIT TEST; Primary Documents Competency --Finish by March 24

Week of March 3 through 7:

             Current Events assignment for March 7: Option 1 or Option 2 (Names in the News Topics: Entertainment, Ukraine, Local politics, Economy, Health)

             March 6th: Primary Sources Competency

             March 10: Twenty-First Century Primer and Philosophy of Education Project

             ALL Guest Speaker forms are due the DAY AFTER the visit of our guest speaker. Upcoming Guest Speakers: Mr. Warren and Ms. Sullivan (3-7);

                   Mr. Parent (3-10); and Mr. Dutton (3-12)                         

Week 1 (Due January 31, 2014): you need to choose names in the following categories:

1 name from Londonderry (local)

1 name from New Hampshire (state) government

1 name from the Federal Government

1 free choice (any topic)

1 name from sports













Civics- Semester 2, 2013 - 2014

Mrs. Marzik


Current Events Weekly Assignment
(due on Fridays)


Each week you will have a Current Events assignment due. You may choose among three main assignments.


1. NAMES IN THE NEWS:  This assignment will consist of five names (people, places or things) which are in the news during the week and their full definitions, including who, what, where, when, why, and how. This assignment must be handwritten and turned in on Friday at the beginning of class. There will be requirements given for the topics each week.







2. Cartoon Interpretation: Find a current editorial cartoon from either a local or a national news source. Complete a form for interpretation of the cartoon, and turn this in with a copy of the cartoon neatly attached to a full-sized (9 x 11 inches) piece of paper. Be sure to follow instructions given in class. (Cagle. com has a large collection of these cartoons. Be sure to choose a recent one --no older than TWO weeks.)


3. NEWS STORY ANALYSIS:  From a print source, obtain a news story (not in sports or entertainment). Fill out the current events news story form and a copy of the article neatly attached to a full-sized (9 x 11 inches) piece of paper.



You may choose one of these options each week, unless stated otherwise.
The assignment is due each Friday and is worth 10 points. No late assignments will be accepted unless you are absent on Friday.
This assignment will be accepted ONLY until Midnight on the date it is due (email submission – email a copy to yourself for verification)
The assignment is to be handwritten or emailed to me.