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I have been a science teacher in New Hampshire schools since 1972. I obtained my B.A. from the University of New Hampshire in 1971 with a dual major in Biology and Education. In 1992, I received my MEd with a major in Environmental Education. In 2007, I was honored by the New Hampshire Environmental Educators as New Hampshire Environmental Science Teacher of The Year. Most importantly, I am passionate about engaging and exciting students about the wonders of the natural world . Welcome To Mr. Knee's Webpage

Londonderry High School
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Thank you for visiting my webpage. Lots of the information I provide in class will be made available through this website so that you can access it from anywhere you can access the web. I will be relying on the Edmodo website ( to provide day to day information, materials, and assignments.   If you should be absent from school, this will be a good place to check on what needs to be done to keep up with your studies. Below is general information that applies to all classes. A seperate tab has been created for AP Environmental Science specific information.

General Information 

In the table below you can checkout class specific expectations and policies. Click on the any specific topic to learn about it.

 Absences  Extra Help Grading Policy Homework Policy
Items Needed Late Work  Overall Goals  Plagiarism & Cheating

Science Safety

Providing rich laboratory experiences is an important aspect of learning science and safety in the science lab is the top priority of these learning experiences. Londonderry's Science Department has adopted a department wide Lab Safety Contract that must be read and signed by all LHS students taking a science class and their parents or guardians. To view the contract  or obtain a copy of it click on this hot link: Lab Safety Contract.

Contact Information:

Email: Mr. Knee (preferred contact - just click on my name and leave your message)
Phone: 432-6941 ext. 2811




 GlobeAP Environmental Science with Mr. Knee


Welcome To Adanced Placement Environmenal Science

AP Environmental Science is a CollegeBoards certified course that covers information equivalent to an introductory college level course and as such there is an emphasis on students being independent learners. Student enrolled in APES will be issued a college level textbook titled Living In The Environment, 15th ed. by G. Tyler Miller. You wil be praticipating the second year of the I:I iPad Pilot Program and recieve an iPad 2 for the year. The course will, for the most part, be a paperless course using 21st Century technology and skills  that will hopefully better prepare you for college and life long learning.


In the "Course Information" table below, you will find hot-links to a variety of topics concerning this course. Just click on the link to get more information on a topic.

Course Information

Topic Outline (CollegeBoards)

Web Information


Extra Help 

  APES Course Description

 Cell Phone Use

Academic Code 

 Lab Safety Contract

 Items Needed

 Aspen Portal (x2) Codes

 Honor Pledge



 Homework Policy



iPad Manual iPad Loan Agreement iPad Damaged/Loss Agreement  


 Tentative Class Syllabus:(updated 09/02/2013)

For a weekly schedule of what is going on in the class (homework assignments, labs, quizzes, tests, compentencies, projects, etc.) click on the tentative information button above. In addition, please take a moment to look at any notes posted below.


1. Mr. Knee's AP Environmental Science Syllubus

2.The AP Environmental Science Course Description Book

3. Goal Setting for APES

4. Flashcardlets for Ch. 1

5. APES First Day Assignment

6. LHS iPad 1:1 Manual

7. The Tragedy of The Commons Lab Activity


9. In Southwest, Worst Case Senario Plays Out

10. APES Portfolio: Initial Essay

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