Assessment Updates

College Board and iReady Updates
iReadyAs the Londonderry School District looks to expand our capacity to prepare students for both College and Career opportunities after graduation, we continue to implement new features in the College Board and iReady assessment systems.

Teams of teachers has been studying our College Board assessment scores in Grades 8-11 in an effort to insure that our curricula lead our students to post-secondary opportunities in college, military service, or career training programs without the need for supplemental coursework.

iReady is an assessment and instructional system that was piloted in Grades 2, 3, and 6 last year, and will be implemented in Grades 2-7 this year. Teachers in Grades K, 1, and 8 will also be learning more about the system to determine the degree to which it might be used to enhance student learning in those grades. This system is a computer-based series of learning materials that allows students to experience learning at their personal level of reading and math skill, and to progress at a pace that works best for them. It is used to supplement classroom instruction provided directly by the teachers, who have access to a 'dashboard' that allows them to see students' skill areas of strength and weakness, and to design learning experience that best meet their needs.

Lots more information is forthcoming about both of these exciting resources.